About us



Doug grew up on the family farm & is very familiar with safe gun handling having started at a young age. Therese works in the medical field & has learned about safe gun handling from Doug & through her NRA training. 


Together they have taught many students with lots of hands on & visual aids. Their classes not only educate but are fun, energized & very student involved!


Therese has led many "Ladies Only" classes which have been beneficial for those women who have no experience to the experienced shooter. 


Classes are taught in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere & offer individual coaching help during range time if needed. 


They feel everyone should be taught gun safety even if you don't want to conceal & carry. 


They also sell a variety of firearms & can order most if not in stock. Prices are often competitive - so check them out!  Also Frog Lube gun cleaner products. 


They offer service after the sale & this includes assistance needed in acquiring CC permits.